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Do they support abolishing abortion?

The November 8th election is quickly approaching, and you need to know where your candidates stand on the issue of abolishing abortion! That's why we sent out candidate surveys to folks who want to be your State Representative and State Senator. But before you check the results, please make sure you have signed the petition to Abolish Abortion in Alabama. Your signed petition will send a loud and clear message to the politicians in Montgomery that Alabamians expect them to pass this important legislation to protect precious babies in the womb. Now onto the results of the 2022 Candidate Survey. Both candidates for Governor have refused to return their End Abortion Alabama Candidate Survey. When a candidate for public office refuses to fill out a simple candidate survey, you have to wonder what they are hiding and why they won't go on record supporting abolishing abortion in Alabama. The following candidates returned their End Abortion Alabama Candidate Surveys 100%, pledging to support abolishing abortion in our state and providing equal protection for preborn children.

State Senate

  • SD 1 Tim Melson

  • SD 2 Tom Butler

  • SD 6 Larry Stutts

  • SD 12 Keith Kelley

  • SD 13 Randy Price

  • SD 17 Shay Shelnutt

  • SD 31 Josh Carnley

State House

  • HD 3 Kerry Underwood

  • HD 7 Ernie Yarbrough

  • HD 11 Randall Shedd

  • HD 13 Matt Woods

  • HD 17 Tracy Estes

  • HD 25 Phillip Rigsby

  • HD 26 Brock Colvin

  • HD 28 Mack Butler

  • HD 39 Ginny Shaver

  • HD 43 Arnold Mooney

  • HD 48 Jim Carns

  • HD 74 Charlotte Meadows

If your candidates are not on this list, please be sure to call them and urge them to fight to abolish abortion in Alabama. If your candidates are on the list above, contact them and thank them for taking a stand for preborn babies. It is critical your elected officials hear from you when they are seeking your vote for public office. Abortion is still legal in Alabama, and we must demand our elected officials step up for babies in the womb and ban abortion in our state. After you've called your elected officials, please chip in a few bucks to help us in the fight for preborn children. We can't do it without the generous support of people like you.

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