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AL Rep. Yarbrough to File Abortion-as-Murder Bill

We are proud to announce that Alabama State Rep. Ernie Yarbrough has agreed to file the first ever bill to abolish abortion in Alabama!

This is the first piece of legislation in our state that will actually repeal the pro-abortion loophole and finally treat abortion as murder.

With Roe out of the way, it's time for Alabama law to represent the views of Alabamians: Abortion is murder, and our laws should treat it as such.

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2 commentaires

19 mars 2023

What happened to the separation of church and state? If you use Christianity as a basis for a law, then we're no longer a free republic. We would be a Christian ethnostate, and that's about as un-American as you can get.


Erica Reyna
Erica Reyna
28 févr. 2023

How is this blatantly religious lan legal in the US? You all should be ashamed. In your zeal to “save babies” you have forgotten that no one has the right to use another person’s body/blood/organs against their will and no one has the right to tell someone what they do with their body. Disgusting “Christian“ fascists, all of you.

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