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Could this be the end of abortion in Alabama?

While the abortion clinics are closed in post-Roe Alabama, the abortion industry has shifted focus to mailing abortion pills directly to pregnant women who can kill the baby in the womb without fear of prosecution.

This is thanks to a pro-abortion loophole written into state law that says that abortion is not murder!

But there is good news.

The Equal Protection Act sponsored by State Representative Ernie Yarbrough seeks to repeal the pro-abortion loophole and provide equal protection of the laws for preborn children.

If passed, this life-saving legislation will put an end to the legal use of abortion drugs and make Alabama the first state to abolish abortion entirely!

The concept is simple.

Abortion is murder, and our laws should treat it that way.

This is commonsense legislation that any pro-life lawmaker should support!

Unfortunately, many people have lied about what this important legislation will do, so we want to be abundantly clear.

The Equal Protection Act:

  • Defines abortion as murder, providing equal protection of the laws for preborn children.

  • Protects women in difficult situations by making it a crime for anyone to force or coerce her into aborting her child.

  • Protects access to life-saving medical care while clarifying that the mother and preborn child are equally valuable under the law.

Don't just take our word for it. Read the bill at the end of this article and see for yourself.

For decades, politicians have proclaimed that abortion is murder while claiming that Roe v. Wade prevented them from adopting laws that would treat it that way.

Now that Roe is gone, there are no more excuses! It's time to finally say abortion is murder and make our laws reflect that!

Many times throughout Scripture, God commands government officials to establish justice, promote good, and punish evil.

The Bible also makes it clear that God hates partiality and He hates unequal weights and measures.

Basically, God expects our government to carry out just for all people - not just certain people.

Because preborn children are fully human, created in the image of God, they deserve the same legal protections that you and I enjoy.

But the State of Alabama is failing to provide justice for babies in the womb by saying abortion is not murder and allowing those babies to be killed legally by their own mothers.

Pastor Allan Bledsoe of First Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Prattville explains this well in his article published by 1819 News.

Many people think that abortion is illegal in Alabama, but it is not.
By way of analogy, imagine there was a crisis of 13-year-olds being killed. So a law is passed that says you cannot hire an assassin to kill your 13-year-old, but you can kill your 13-year-old if you “do it yourself” (DIY).
If that was the solution, we would all agree that is not going nearly far enough. We need to make it a crime for you to kill your 13-year-old.

So-called "self-managed" or Do-It-Yourself abortions are the go-to method for killing preborn children in Alabama today because it remains legal.

Failing to treat abortion as murder is failing to carry out justice as God commands, and the result is an untold number of aborted children.

This is partiality.

This is unequal weights and measures.

That is why End Abortion Alabama is fighting to pass the Equal Protection Act and provide justice for preborn children!

As the Biden Administration works to increase access to abortion drugs nationwide, abortion activists are shipping these dangerous pills directly to home across Alabama.

Organizations like Aid Access and Mayday.Health openly boast that it is still legal in all 50 states for a mother to kill her baby using abortion drugs.

In August 2022, Business Insider reported that "hundreds of Americans a week are seeking abortion help from Mexico." [1]

In that report, they detail an underground network of abortion activists smuggling abortion drugs into our state.

One activist they interviewed said "the majority of calls are coming from Americans living in states with "trigger laws" such as Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas."

Alcade said the majority of calls are coming from Americans living in states with 'trigger laws' such as Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas who must travel to another state to get an abortion.

But how many women are actually killing their children at home?

Well, a recent study found that 1 out of every 3 women seeking an abortion would resort to self-managed (DIY) abortions if they didn't have access to a clinic. [2]

Another study found that approximately 7% of women reported having attempted self-managed abortions even while abortion was still legal! [3]

This isn't equal protection of the law, and it certainly isn't biblical justice.

Precious babies are being murdered every day, and it's all perfectly legal.

If the Equal Protection Act becomes law, it will no longer be legal for anyone to intentionally take the life of a child, born or preborn.

Lord willing, this law will deter countless people from aborting their children and save live statewide.

While this bill bans all abortion as murder, it also protects the right to due process of those accused and seeks to prevent wrongful prosecution.

This bill protects medical procedures necessary to save the life of the mother as long as the doctor works to save the life of the child as well.

When a doctor is treating a pregnant woman, he or she must recognize there are two patients of equal worth.

It is also worth noting there are some women who are in dangerous situations where they are compelled to take an abortion pill or otherwise terminate their pregnancy under threat of serious harm or death.

Oftentimes, the women in these situations are not intentionally taking the life of the child but are victims of someone who wields power over them. Prosecuting them for murder would be unjust.

The Equal Protection Act will help protect those women who are truly victims.

The Equal Protection Act is righteous legislation that will save the lives of preborn children and protect women in harmful situations.

Your support is crucial to the success of this bill.

Read a copy of this simple legislation here:

Yarbrough - Equal Protection Act
Download PDF • 489KB

Equal Protection Act Summary

Section 1

This section states that the legislation will be called the Equal Protection Act.

Section 2

This section is known as "legislative findings." It simply states things the Legislature believes to be true if the bill is passed.

Section 3

This section amends existing law to define abortion as murder, protect due process for the accused, and allow the defense of duress for women who are forced to take the life of their preborn child under threat of serious harm. This section also protects life-saving medical procedures while clarifying that the life of the child in the womb is equally as important as the life of the mother.

Section 4

This section makes it abundantly clear that this bill is not retroactive, and people cannot be prosecuted for what they did before their conduct was outlawed.

Section 5

This is constitutionally-required language.

Section 6

This states that the act will become effective immediately upon becoming law. Babies are being murdered legally in Alabama. That has to stop as quickly as possible.




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