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Ignore the Feds. Obey God.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Why is our nation content to allow the murder of preborn children?

Seriously. Can you give me an answer?

Sure, we claim to be pro-life.

And most of us sincerely believe that we are.

Yet and still, babies are still being massacred in droves, and the perpetrators are protected by our laws!

63 MILLION babies and counting…

And while this holocaust is occurring in our backyards – Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Birmingham – we praise lawmakers who pass legislation that does nothing to protect these innocent lives.

You remember the “strongest abortion ban” in the country our elected officials passed in 2019?

To date, it has not saved a single baby.

While there are several issues with the law they adopted, the biggest one is this: our state government continues to submit to an unconstitutional and ungodly court order that commands our state to allow the murder of children.

This has got to stop, and the solution is simple.

We must ignore Roe and obey God.

In Acts 5 the apostles were preaching the gospel, and the rulers of the time didn’t like what they saw.

When the rulers commanded the apostles not to teach in the name of Jesus, do you remember what Peter told them?

Peter and the apostles said, “We must obey God rather than man!”

You see, facing imprisonment or perhaps worse, Peter and the apostles understood that God should be feared above all else.

When man commands you to do something contrary to God’s Word, you must choose to obey God rather than man.

The Supreme Court of the United States has ordered the State of Alabama to allow babies to be murdered in our state.

They have unilaterally decided that any laws that prohibit such atrocious actions are unconstitutional.

Let me be clear. There is no constitutional right to an abortion.

Even the most liberal legal scholars agree that the Roe v. Wade decision is on shaky legal grounds.

But even if the Constitution guaranteed the right to kill preborn children, our government (and we the people) should ignore it anyway.


Because our God commands us not to murder.

Because our God commands our government to promote good and punish evil.

Because our God commands our government to “not bear the sword in vain.”

Because we are to “rescue those who are being taken away to death.”

In our country, it is “government by consent of the governed.”

We can’t pass this burden off and blame this on the courts or the politicians.

You and I are the responsible for the actions of the people who represent us, and those people are currently submitting to man instead of submitting to God.

We are done waiting on the Supreme Court to change its mind.

We are done settling for half-measures that do nothing more than regulate abortions.

We are calling for an immediate end to abortion in our state despite what the federal courts may say.

It is time we obey God rather than man.

Your contribution would go a long way to helping us spread the word that we really can bring an end to this holocaust without waiting on the Supreme Court.

Some folks could afford to give $100 today, but I know that isn’t doable for everyone.

For others, a gift of $50 is more doable.

A donation of at least $25 makes a member of End Abortion Alabama.

%%First%%, whatever you can give, please know that it will be faithfully used to help bring an end to the murder of preborn children in our state.

Thank you in advance for standing up to abolish abortion in our state.

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