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Do you think abortion is illegal in Alabama?

Babies across Alabama are still being killed in their mothers' wombs, and it is all 100% LEGAL! 

Alabama law contains a MASSIVE loophole that allows the mother of a preborn child to terminate her pregnancy through a "self-managed" abortion at ANY stage of pregnancy. 

And Alabama isn't alone. 

All 50 states allow a woman to kill her the child in her womb. 

Don't believe us? Check out the 30 second video below published by pro-abortion group "Mayday Health."

It is true that the abortion clinics are closed in Alabama, but self-managed or DIY abortions are still legal.

The radical pro-abortion activists who made this video want women to know that no matter what state they live in, they can still get pills in the mail and perform their own abortions at home.

It’s called a self-managed abortion, and it is becoming more common by the day.

In August 2022, Business Insider reported that "hundreds of Americans a week are seeking abortion help from Mexico." [1]

In that report, they detail an underground network of abortion activists smuggling abortions drugs into our state.

One activist they interviewed said "the majority of calls are coming from Americans living in states with "trigger laws" such as Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas."

Alcade said the majority of calls are coming from Americans living in states with "trigger laws" such as Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas who must travel to another state to get an abortion.

But it doesn't stop there.

Federal law allows abortion drugs to be mailed anywhere in the country, and Alabama law protects the women who use them.

Remember when Roe was overturned, and the mainstream media talked about the Alabama abortion ban going into effect?

While that law did shut down the clinics, it explicitly allows mothers to abort their own children at any stage of the pregnancy. The law also allows doctors to kill babies in the womb in limited circumstances. [2]

Pro-abortion forces are trumpeting this information all over the internet and directing women who want abortions to the many available sources to order their own abortion pills, even for free!

Information on how to DIY your abortion at home with pills is not hard to find. A simple Google search turns up multiple sources very quickly.

These organizations aren’t hiding what they are doing because it’s not illegal for women to abort their babies in this way.

But how many women are actually killing their children at home?

Well, a recent study found that 1 out of every 3 women seeking an abortion would resort to self-managed (DIY) abortions if they didn't have access to a clinic. [3]

Another study found that approximately 7% of women reported having attempted self-managed abortions even while abortion was still legal! [4]

This isn't equal protection of the law, and it certainly isn't biblical justice. 

Precious babies are being murdered every day, and it's all perfectly legal.

That's why End Abortion Alabama exists. 

We are the voice of the preborn children echoing throughout the halls of the Alabama State House.

In fact, every person who signs the petition or donates a few dollars to the cause amplifies that voice and helps us move closer to abolishing abortion in Alabama. 

It shouldn’t be legal for mothers to kill their own children in the womb any more than it is for them to kill their children after they are born. Homicide laws protect born children and they should equally protect preborn children as well. This isn’t complicated.

Join the fight for preborn children by signing the petition today!


[2] Code of Alabama Section 26-23H-5



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