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What is Abolition?

The terms “abolish” and “abolition” are just words, but what do they truly stand for in the fight to end abortion?

More than anything else, abolition is about Christians seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then trusting His strength to work through our weakness to abolish abortion in our land.

From there, Abolitionists hold to three policy principles:

Follow the Constitution

A “right to an abortion” is not only unconstitutional, it is anti-constitutional and evil. When a court decision ignores the Constitution, our civil leaders are oath-bound to ignore that decision, so help them God.

Provide Equal Protection

Preborn people should be protected by the same laws protecting born people. No one should have a license to kill them.

Do Not Appease Evil

Legislation or anything else that attempts to comply with Roe v. Wade (or its progeny) is wrong. Tyranny and evil must be resisted, not legitimized.

As the number of people who support these principles continues to grow, others are trying to co-opt the term “abolition” and use it to describe something altogether different. They advocate complying with Roe v. Wade while trying to pass whatever bills the federal courts will allow until the Supreme Court overturns Roe. No matter how much anyone tries to call that “abolition,” it is not. It is still the same weak, failing strategy which the pro-life lobby has been telling us will work for the last 49 years. And it has not worked.

Abolitionists believe that continuing to legitimize and bow down to judicial tyranny is the wrong way to try to end abortion. The federal courts are not the solution to the problem; the federal courts are the problem.

Thankfully, more and more Alabamians who love life and hate the evil of abortion are becoming abolitionists. True abolitionists.

We thank you for joining with us as we stand together to continue to call – in faith and by the grace of God – for the complete abolition of abortion in Alabama by advocating for legislation that follows the Constitution, provides equal protection, and rejects the judicial tyranny which has allowed abortion to continue virtually unchecked for so long in our state.

#IgnoreRoe #EqualProtection #StopAppeasingEvil #EAA

Copy used with permission from Abolish Abortion Texas

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