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2023 Alabama Abortion Survey.png

As the New Year approaches, we are faced with major decisions about the future of our organization.


To help us with these decisions, please take the following short survey about your stance on abortion in Alabama.


We can only keep the survey open for a few days, so it’s imperative you submit it ASAP.


And don't forget to share this brief survey with your friends so we can develop an accurate picture of where Alabamians stand on this important issue.


Your answers are confidential and will not be made public.

Are you aware that self-managed "DIY" abortions are still legal in Alabama even though the abortion clinics are shut down?
Are you aware that nearly half of all reported abortions are carried out using abortion drugs, not at an abortion clinic?
Are you aware that abortion drugs are being smuggled into Alabama via an underground network of abortion activists?
Are you aware that some Republican lawmakers in Alabama have expressed support for expanding access to abortion in our state?
Choose the answer that most closely aligns with your view:
Will you stand with End Abortion Alabama in our continuing fight to stop this genocide in our state?
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